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Digitalisation offers completely new possibilities for the management and protection of buildings.

From planning to installation to operation. Security systems in general - fire protection systems in particular - have a remarkably high potential for innovations. What are the characteristics of a future-proof fire protection? What challenges can be met?

In our whitepaper, you will learn why digital applications will make early fire detection even more reliable in the future. We demonstrate how you can optimise a fire detection system in five steps with the help of digital processes. Using specific use cases, we highlight how software-based systems can have a positive influence on fire protection.

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Preventive fire protection - challenges

To ensure that future buildings are are designed, built and used correctly in terms of fire protection, the industry needs trained and experienced fire safety experts at all levels.
Building Management Planer Errichter Bau
– Skilled worker shortage
The shortage of skilled workers can also be felt in the fire protection industry. Human resources, training and increasingly necessary skills in all areas, from planning to installation, operation and maintenance as well as modernisation are crucial competitive factors.
Sustainability Seedling
Many modern building projects are characterised by sustainability aspects and are being planned in an increasingly climate-friendly way. New building products, materials, façade greening and alternative construction methods present fire protection officers with previously unknown problems.
Flexibility and repurposing
Flexibility and repurposing
The Corona pandemic and a new work mentality have shown that a new way of thinking has taken place in many aspects. Home offices, co-working spaces and round-the-clock working hours pose new challenges for building design and fire protection engineers.
If a gymnasium becomes an event space in the evening, which building regulations apply?
Buildings must be planned in a way that they can be used flexibly without affecting the level of safety.
Networking Connectivity
– Smart Buildings and Cyber Security
The connectivity of devices and sensors for fire protection increases the level of security in the building and for the people in it.

However, this also creates risks such as the misuse of software access, DDoS attacks and cyberattacks. In order for connected fire alarm technology to meet these expectations, it must fulfil high security standards.

Five steps for a fire alarm system of the future

Step 1
Bridging the gap between
digital and analogue
Step 1
Bridging the gap between digital and analogue

To make your fire alarm system fit for the future, a bridge must be built between the fire alarm system and digital services for remote monitoring. With a suitable web application, the basis can therefore be laid for worldwide access to fire alarm control panels. This is done with a router for connection to the control centre.

To access the fire alarm control panel, the installation of a separate software is required. The control centre is then connected to the data centre via VPN using a certified routing device. Https encryption for connections via PC or mobile devices, such as laptop, tablet and smartphone guarantee an additional level of security. A VPN tunnel encrypts the user's entire data traffic.

Use Case: Bringing your own system online


Operators and maintainers of fire alarm systems

FunctionsUser and role administration
Maintenance of user data and access
Overview and evaluation of user data and accesses

Integral Connect

Connection management, event documentation,
User management

Basis forCentralised monitoring of several systems
Simple, independent administration and maintenance of data
Reliable documentation of all events
This way, you keep everything in your own hands
Step 2
Optimising the processes
Step 2
Optimising the processes

Be informed about events at your fire alarm system digitally. Receive information in real time by email or notification on your smartphone or tablet.

Use Case: Display and inform from a distance


Manufacturers and operators of fire alarm systems

ChallengeMonitoring of systems by the operator
Forwarding of information to the operator 
FunctionsEvent notification on computer or mobile device
Definition of event-related information
Individualised role and user administration
Authorisation concept

Integral Mail
Integral Message
Integral Mobile

BenefitsDetailed information in real time
All systems at a glance
Multi-user display of decentralised systems
Easy documentation
From information to faster reaction
Step 3
Digitalising the processes
Step 3
Digitalising the processes

Inform, display and interact. With digital remote access, you ensure the efficient operation of your fire alarm system, no matter from which location. Digital maintenance logs ensure high data quality and transparency for both your customers and yourself.

Use Case: Digitally supporting ongoing operations

StakeholderInstallers, operators and maintainers of fire alarm systems
ChallengeInspection of the elements / actions by the 
Service technician of the partner / manufacturer
Long distances to the plant
FunctionsInstant access to fire alarm data
Real-time monitoring
Predictive maintenance and service planning
Download and storage of maintenance reports

Integral Remote Control:
Integral Mobile
Integral Browser
Integral Desktop
Service Platform

BenefitsRapid intervention
Optimised processes 
More overview and transparency
Intuitive operation 
Seamless data acquisition
Central control for any number of systems
Display and check remotely



Step 4
Simplifying the processes
Step 4
Simplifying the processes

With a mobile application for controlling the fire alarm system, it is possible to react at a time when danger is imminent but no damage has yet occurred. This information advantage shortens the response time and significantly simplifies processes.

Use Case : Preparing for maintenance

StakeholdersOperators and maintainers of fire alarm systems
ChallengeDaily checks of the system
Information about the status of the system from a distance
FunctionsMobile control panel of the system
Detailed information about the alarm event
Intervention function via mobile device
On-demand walk test function
Short-term deactivation of individual detectors
SolutionIntegral Remote Control:
Integral Mobile
BenefitsRapid response and shorter walking distances
Better planning of measures
Solving tasks on the fly
Better service quality
Information at any time and any place




Step 5
Modernising the processes
Step 5
Modernising the processes

To make your business more efficient, every support is not only important but necessary. A digital service platform is the solution to make your working life easier.

Use Case: Smart maintenance and modernisation

StakeholdersInstallers and maintainers of fire alarm systems
ChallengeCostly knowledge transfer
Time and costs for travel, repair and maintenance
Maintenance and modernisation of systems
FunctionsUp-to-date manufacturer and product information
Retrieval of the actual system status
Information on upcoming technician tasks and assignments
Overview of the current on-site situation in the event of an incident
Updates on upcoming maintenance and service tours
SolutionService Platform

Best service for your customers
Highest availability of your systems
Optimal use of your resources and staff
Predictive maintenance
Possibility to generate additional sales
Top quality through digitalisation

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Best practice: Digital applications that keep their promises

Innovative remote access in Karachi, Pakistan

In terms of remote monitoring on the fire alarm systems and in nurse call systems, the largest, most modern and best-known hospital in the Pakistani city Karachi relies on products from Schrack Seconet.
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Effective inspections at Tesco in Slovakia

The British retail chain Tesco is one of the pioneers in remote monitoring for fire alarm systems. Together with the installer and service partner ANTES GM, Integral Remote was installed in stores nationwide in Slovakia.
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Intelligent in every detail – at the Paper factory Hamburger, Austria

Fire protection is of particularly high relevance in the paper industry. Hamburger's plant in Pitten, Lower Austria, implemented a customised solution that precisely meets the requirements of the industrial plant.

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Our service for your fire protection

From planning, installation and ongoing operation to maintenance, modernisation and expansion: innovative digital services simplify processes and increase quality throughout the entire life cycle. Cloud-based services provide information about the current status of the system and thus enable the advantage of "predictive maintenance". Digital applications complement our fire protection systems to provide efficient and holistic solutions for early fire detection.

Receive messages about alarms, faults or power failures by e-mail or push notification on your computer with Integral Remote Notification. Flexible messages via push notifications appear quickly and reliably on the computer or mobile device, even when the applications are not active.

Be informed at all times and react quickly. With remote access, you can monitor your systems on the move or conveniently from your workplace. This way you always know about the status of the fire alarm system without having to be on-site yourself. Detailed analyses enable the identification of recurring deceptive alarms so that you can quickly take appropriate measures.

This means that tasks during ongoing operations can be solved more efficiently and quickly. In the event of an alarm, initial steps can be taken immediately. During modifications and renovation work, individual detectors can simply be switched off for a short time.

Remote monitoring services are offered on a modular basis and are built on a secure internet connection between the Integral Remote portfolio and the fire alarm systems. Every access to the system and all events are logged. All processes are thus transparent and well documented.

Access requires the installation of software, and an intuitive authorisation management and multi-level identification steps ensure that only authorised personnel has access. The HTTPS-encryption and VPN tunnel guarantee the highest security standards.

With the service platform, fire alarm systems and locations can be managed efficiently. Six feature sets ensure the delivery of even higher quality installation and maintenance services:

  • Site analysis
  • Site Management
  • Maintenance management
  • Product knowledge management
  • Extension and modernisation
  • Site event management

The service platform simplifies planning, commissioning, maintenance and expansion through innovative digital processes. It is an intelligent and efficient cloud solution. To ensure the highest level of security and data protection, the platform is private and hosted in our own data centres.

Digital Applications and services: your benefits


Location-independent information and interaction

Access to content at any time

Notifications on mobile devices


Optimised workflows and faster intervention

Better organisation of service routes

Real-time data analysis


Optimal organisation of personnel & material

Better preparation for maintenance

Complete documentation


Live info on alarms, faults and defects

Legally compliant documentation of all activities

Fewer operations due to false alarms


All systems at a glance

Event history can be called up at any time

Intuitive operation and seamless data acquisition


Less travelling, less travel time

Relevant info always available

Less paper-based, outdated documentation