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of fire protection.
Integral EvoxX

Be ready for maximum evolution:
the third generation of our proven fire alarm system Integral.

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"You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible."
Hermann Hesse
Mit Sicherheit ein starkes Team
– Safe and sound
A strong team
Our corporate culture is based on the joint effort of all employees. We trust one another, work together responsibly and are friendly, open, and respectful. We make the best possible use of all our strengths and potential to bring our company forward.
"Working together has always been the great strength of the team at Schrack Seconet, and I think that working together is a cornerstone of their success."
Gerhard Königstorfer
Head of Customer Service Upper Austria
Immer am Puls der Technik
– Safe and sound
Always at the cutting edge
Technical systems and future-oriented concepts by Schrack Seconet protect people and assets – reliably and for many years. We are a premium supplier of high-quality security technology that makes life a lot safer for all of us.
"One of the reasons we continue to be competitive is because we use the latest technology. Our customers can rely on being technically up to date."
Stefan Felder
Customer Service
Mit Sicherheit ein zuverlässiger Partner
– Safe and sound
A reliable partner
Our principle is evolution, not revolution. The vision we follow is to create individual solutions that meet the latest standards and at the same time are forward and backward compatible over several generations. Solutions that you can simply rely on.
"Like in your private life: it's all about being together! This is what Schrack Seconet has managed to do perfectly for decades."
Martin Pataky
Head of National Sales Tyrol & Vorarlberg
Mit Sicherheit garantierte Handschlagqualität
– Safe and sound
Guaranteed Authenticity
For our customers and business partners we are a trustworthy partner true to their word. We believe that the best solutions can only succeed when we work together – and we definitely won’t change that in the future.
"Unfortunately, in today's fast-paced and short-lived world, this form of interaction is becoming less common. That is why it is even more pleasing that we have always cultivated this style within the company and are still proud to be involved in other successful projects, businesses and customer relationships."
Mit Sicherheit heimatverbunden & weltoffen
– Safe and sound
Connected to our roots & open to the world
Our roots are in Austria; our home is Europe. Research and development have the highest priority for us. With dedication and the latest technologies, we implement future-oriented solutions with long-term value worldwide.
"Traditional and 'conservative' open, almost friendly relationship with our partners. Fully understanding, maximum support. Partners know we do not expect only figures from them, they feel our honest wish to work with them at all projects."
Tomislav Dusak
Mit Sicherheit ein innovativer Vorausdenker
– Safe and sound
An innovative pioneer
Within the Securitas Group, we are the competence centre for fire alarm and communication systems. In these areas, we are an innovation pioneer that sets standards and makes the very most of the opportunities offered by digitalisation.
"Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people."
Steve Jobs
"To aim low is the lack of care. To aim high, to push the boundaries of technology and innovations, keep setting standard is the only way to go forward, to protect and secure the future of each and everyone of us - the company, partners, investors, end users..."
Sanja Peric / Zoran Vrbaski





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in what we do.

We protect lives and secure values. And that’s the way it will always be. No wonder we are the benchmark in our industry.

in our values.

Personal, committed & competent – guaranteed authenticity. This and much more is what sets us apart. Values that we live and share every day.

in engineering.

Know-how and experience – that's what we bring to every project. Thanks to our employees, who take care in finding the perfect solutions personally and with professional competence.

to the customer.


We understand our customers, feel connected with them. Therefore, it is always our concern to build a win-win partnership.

in implementation.

We offer leading solutions in our industry. The fast pace of our times sets the pace for development – and we are ahead of it.

in thinking.


Our innovations have one thing in common: They offer real benefits and real added value. And we're proud of that.

in the team.


The passion and motivation with which our employees go about their work is almost contagious. And it's even more fun when you're part of a team.